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Marilyn McLaughlin

multidisciplinary arts & wellness specialist



Marilyn McLaughlin MFA, CLMA, RSMT,  UML2 Coach founder of All Bodies Move! and Playa Mindfulness is a Multidisciplinary Arts and Wellness Specialist. Though she works with a wide variaty of populations she has a special passion for working with adults of all abilities at midlife and beyond.  She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, Fallproof™Fall Prevention Specialist, Interactive Group Rhythm Facilitator, and Creator of Drumming Into Stillness ™ and Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach.   The over arcing theme in all of her work is the facilitation of change through the practice of presence and the marriage of creative expression with and mindful awareness.  In working with individuals and groups of varied ability she is especially skilled at meeting people where they are in a way that enable them to experience feelings of well-being, connection and inspiration.  


Marilyn started her academic career teaching movement for actors at Cal State Northridge  and later taught movement and acting for digital media artists at Otis College of Art and Design.  She was adjunct professor of dance at Loyola Marymount University Department of Dance from 2008-2016 teaching Laban Movement Studies, Composition for Non-Majors, and is still teaches her signature day long workshop, Body Stories, for the Yoga Mindfulness and Social Change Certificate Program offered through LMU Yoga Studies.  Marilyn also acts as a mentor to select students involved in the Yoga MA program at LMU who are looking to better understand and  integrate in depth classical Yoga scholarship with contemporary  practices of mindfulness, somatics, and  expressive movement.


Marilyn was a member of the first Unified Mindfulness Pathways class and is thrilled to be able to add her ability to integrate the sensory based approach of UM to all that she does as a movement specialist. She coaches private students and groups at her studio in Westchester CA, leads a weekly UM sitting group and monthly mini retreats at Stoneview Nature Center- in Culver City and offers mini retreats and courses in the fundamentals of modern mindfulness at All Bodies Move Studio in Westchester California.   Marilyn is thrilled to share the beauty flexibility and adaptability of UM to anyone who wants to elevate their baseline of happiness she especially enjoys working with caregivers, parents of young children and older adults. 


Marilyn is available for talks, classes and private coaching.  Website info:   e mail:

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